Maria March 2010

Maria March 2010

I live in the heart of sunflower country and they are my favourite “summer at the beach” snack.  But, my favourite “winter at the beach snack” are pepitas!

Maria-the Pepita Lady

Maria-the Pepita Lady

Maria is the primary reason why I love pepitas so dearly.  Maria lives on Isla Mujeres and walks the beach daily (weather permitting) selling her product.  She has an uncanny sense of timing-just when you have ordered a frosty Sol and are thinking that you might just be getting  a little bit peckish, Maria will stroll along.  Her skin is well weathered and crinkles up when she smiles in recognition of you.  With your permission, she lovingly squeezes a wedge  of lime over your pepita snack.  She will stop for a little chat and then continue on her way-leaving us to wonder how she manages to wade through the heavy sand every day.

North Beach-Isla Mujeres

North Beach-Isla Mujeres

In my mind no one will ever be able to exactly duplicate the taste of Maria’s pepitas.  As taste is a multi-sensory experience for me-it also has to do with the sights, sounds and feelings of contenment that I enjoy whenever I am on Isla Mujeres. 

BUT Sister #2 has made a very good attempt at recreating the recipe.  With her permission, I share it here:




3 cups hulled pumpkin seeds

3 tbsp canola oil

1 tbsp chili powder

1 tsp ground cumin

1 tsp salt

1 lime


Preheat over to 300ºF. Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper or a silpat. Combine oil, chili powder, cumin and salt, stir well. Add pumpkin seeds and toss to coat. Spread seeds on cookie sheet in a single layer. Roast for 25 minutes, until seeds are lightly browned and crunchy. Shake or stir seeds occasionally for even cooking. Be sure to check frequently during the last few minutes to avoid over cooking. Let seeds cool slightly before serving. Serve with wedges of lime which can be squeezed over top of the warm seeds. Seeds can be stored in an airtight jar for 1 week at room temperature or 1 month in the fridge (as if there are ever any left). Makes 3 cups.


Kath’s quote: “Too much work, and no vacation, deserves at least a small libation.  So hail! my friends, and raise your glasses; work’s the curse of the drinking classes.”-Oscar Wilde


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