Have you ever wanted to run a Bed and Breakfast?-Part 3


The seasons had noticeably changed upon our arrival at Aaron’s on the Lake Bed and Breakfast. As we made the short drive up from the city, both D and I commented that it was like going home. We have many homes, not because we are wealthy (that’s an understatement!) but because we are flexible. We also decided at the beginning of the pandemic, that D and I were at “home” if we were together (hokey but true).

Bed and Breakfast owners Eleanore and Randy had made a couple of changes since we last visited them. This cozy corner was where I spent any moment of the weekend that wasn’t focused on their guests. D helped Randy with check ins and the couple left for Winnipeg soon after. Upon close examination of this picture, I must have poured a glass of wine, soon after. This was our solo flight at the Bed and Breakfast and we were pretty excited!

We had stopped on our way out of the city, for bowls of chicken, wonton soup. After reheating them, we pulled up stools to the kitchen island.

Imagine purchasing a historic property for a Bed and Breakfast and finding out you have your very own pear tree outside the kitchen window! I had previously been sent home with a number of green baby pears, which I made into a crisp upon ripening.

From the kitchen window, I spied a beautiful sunset through the trees. My soup slurping was interrupted so that I could get a picture from their road. I never miss a sunset (or sunrise for that matter), if I am able. Dawn and dusk, ground me and fill me with gratitude-the perfect way to start and end my days.

Case in point, the next pic on my phone was of the sun on the horizon the next morning.

D and I were on our first solo breakfast duty! I was in charge of everything which wasn’t the main entree: setting the dining room, making coffee and putting out a tea selection, milk & cream, juices, condiments and lastly preparing the first course. On this day it was bowls of tropical fruits.

D’s tasks were roasting sausages, making buckwheat pancakes as well as a blueberry and Gran Marnier compote. I served, cleared and chatted with the guests. Luckily I had just been on a Gimli shopping spree so when one of the female guests asked for shopping ideas, I was ready with a comprehensive list.

After breakfast clean up, we didn’t really have any other chores except for snuggling up with Jake.

I loved this capture from Eleanore and Randy’s desk. I don’t know how much writing I would get done from there.

The house is full of pretty little touches like these stained glass bluebirds in the office/billiards room.

Next morning’s sunrise was a rainbow streak beneath the crowds and beautiful in its own way.

When I looked closely at my own picture, I realized that I could see the other side of the lake! Where we are at Lester Beach, is almost directly across from Gimli. Since Ponemah is south of Gimli, I expect that one of the little shorelines south of Grand Beach is directly across. Perhaps Beaconia?

I was on first course duty again so I prepared yogurt, granola, pineapple and kiwi. It was delicious- if I do say so myself.

D, a trained cook was on omelets that morning. Here is his mise en place.

D is well equipped to cook eggs for breakfast. When he was a teenage cook on the train from Winnipeg to Vancouver, he was harnessed to the stove, so that he would have both hands to flip the eggs.

Every omelet is a unique creation, D’s contained crispy bacon bits that the guests appreciated.

After breakfast clean up and guest check outs, we had the afternoon to ourselves which was welcome. We couldn’t do our regular work, chores around the yard, house or lakehouse, so we had enforced leisure. Ahh. A lovely way to celebrate our first solo weekend!

Kath’s quotes: Guard well your spare moments. They are like uncut diamonds. Discard them and their value will never be known. Improve them and they will become the brightest gems in a useful life.” -Author unknown

Love never fails.

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