Green Verde-Isla Mujeres 2022


We have enjoyed a number of delicious meals at Greenverde over the years. A bestie of ours declares that it is the best restaurant on the island.

We started our lovely evening off with a pina coolada and a classic margarita. I do love artisan cocktails but go back to the classics like a good old coconut/pineapple cocktail, again and again.

Another classic-guacamole, was lightly seasoned with onion, tomato, fresh lime, garlic and salt & pepper. The result was so light and refreshing. Why muck with perfection and in my mind an avocado is nature’s perfection.

D and I had this idea about combining our dinner choices for a “surf and turf” so he ordered the Tampequena and I the Shrimp Mezcal.

Our beautifully plated dinners didn’t look quite so pretty after the merging of our dishes but the tastes were divine!

D’s skirt steak had been grilled with strips of poblano pepper then topped with a mixture of sweet onion, corn, cotija cheese and sour cream. His plate was then laden with more of that amazing guacamole, chilaquiles, beans and quesadillas. The steak itself was so flavourful and tender it was scrumptious on its own and made more so with all the fixings.

My shrimp had been marinated in a green style sauce (we were dining at Greenverde remember!) with Mezcal and a touch of butter. The dish was enhanced with rice but a side plate of corn, tostone banana and sweet potato also came along. What a feast!

Friends tucked into a generous portion of salmon (took home half) crowned with hibiscus sauce and bedded onto refried beans and fresh asparagus.

They also selected a tricolor of moles: Green Mole with Pork, Yellow Mole with Beef and Red Mole with Chicken. Green Verde’s mole recipes are authentically made with toasted chilies and vegetables. The tortillas were smothered in cream, cheese and a variety of seeds. The sauces were so delectable, our friend would have loved more.

My pina coolada had gone down so quickly that I ordered a glass of wine with dinner. They had a great selection of my favourite Chilean wines and I appreciated their generous pour.

Their authentic flan came with 4 spoons and we admired the creaminess and subtle sweetness along with its silky texture as we gobbled every speck of it off the plate!

Kath’s quote: “When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece.”-John Ruskin

Love is all.

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