Boxing Day Brunch-by Sister #3

About one third of our gang is my brother Tom’s family.

We are a large family. I am the youngest of six children. All of my siblings are married with children. Most of my nieces and nephews are married and about half of them have children. So when we get together as a family, there are 50 of us. Most of my family live in Winnipeg or within an hour of the city. One niece and her husband live in Australia and a great nephew and his partner live in British Columbia, but come home often, including at Christmas. So figuring out how to gather together to celebrate Christmas is a challenge. We find that Boxing Day is our best option and even then not everyone is able to join us. We are, however, still a big group with 45 hoping to attend this year. We have long out grown meeting in someone’s house.

For a few years we met in a hall in our Mother’s personal care home as well as in the party room at our sister-in-laws apartment building. A few years back we started to gather at Little Brown Jug, a local brewery where a couple of family members work. It’s a great setting. Centrally located, it means family coming from all corners of the city don’t have too far to travel. I think it would make my beer loving father very happy to know this is where we celebrate.

There isn’t any beer involved as we come together for brunch and to exchange gifts. There are gifts for all the little ones and we older folks pick names (if we elect) to participate in the gift exchange. I am always so impressed with the gifts that are given. They are always so personal and show that people really took the time to think about their shopping, and also that we all know each other pretty well.

Our brunch menu is pretty extensive and for many years my contribution has been quiche Lorraine.  Here’s my recipe.  Enjoy!


Pie crust*                                         
1/2 lb. bacon**

1 onion, chopped                            
4 eggs                                    
1 tbsp dried parsley 

1 cup, Swiss cheese shredded***

cereal cream, 1 cup

Salt and Pepper


Dice bacon, and fry. You’ll need a tsp of oil if you are using back bacon. Remove cooked bacon and use the same pan to fry diced onion. Remove some of the bacon fat if you used side bacon. Place the bacon, onion and cheese into the pie crust. Beat eggs and mix with cream. Season well with salt and pepper. Pour into pie crust. Sprinkle with parsley. Bake at 350 for 50 to 60 minutes.

*These amounts are based on a store bough “deep dish” pie crust.  I make my own crust and my pie plates are a lot deeper so I increase the recipe by 2 eggs and ½ cup of cream.

** I use back bacon ends that you can buy at Fresco.

*** It’s harder to find blocks of Swiss cheese these days.  I’ve been buying mine at Bothwell.

Happy and merry everything!

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