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Villas San Miguel-Isla Mujeres


From the moment we set our feet onto the dock at Isla Mujeres, we knew that our home for the week was the perfect choice. We were hooking up with friends that we had met the previous year as it was their last day on the island. We would normally have been torn between going straight over to our rendezvous point of Bally Hoo or dropping our luggage of at the villa. Since the Acapulco Suite at Villas San Miquel is literally up the hill from the ferry, we were able to drop our bags and still get back to Bally Hoo in plenty of time. The central location of the villas is one of its primary advantages.

After some lunch and a wonderful visit, we had most of the afternoon still ahead of us. My husband enjoyed a quick nap on the huge, comfortable bed before we crossed the square to pick up some of our essentials at the Supermercado including yoghurt, cheese, lime mayo, ham, eggs, bread and butter as well as cervesa and vino tinto.

New York 15-Isla 16 1568

The Acapulco villa’s kitchen was better equipped than any place we have stayed on the island (and this was my 13th visit). With a full size fridge, a microwave, blender, toaster and coffee maker, we could have eaten every single meal at the villa had we desired. But part of the pleasure of our annual sojourn to the island is sampling its varied fare. That night we set off for Abuelo’s, a short walk directly down the street. After supping on shrimp and lobster-stuffed fish, we still had time to walk north beach and stroll Hidalgo.

New York 15-Isla 16 1566

The next morning we found a spot to watch the sunrise as it was not visible from our main floor apartment. We did have a fun view of the busy square making us feel like islanders and not tourists. Our bedroom had a view of the pool.

New York 15-Isla 16 1607

As we sipped our coffee in our comfy spot, we realized we must be taking someone else’s sunrise perch. Our neighbours were enjoying their last sunrise before they had to catch their ferry for the trek home. We hit it off so well, that we ended up walking them to the ferry dock. I was anxious to spend time in the kitchen of the Acapulco Villa, so we whipped up a huge ham and egg breakfast.

New York 15-Isla 16 1579

There was a full set of cutlery as well as 6 place settings of dishes AND stemmed wine glasses. We love our wine and think that it tastes best from a real wine glass. There as a full set of kitchen utensils as well as a wine opener and a couple of good sharp knives. A full set of pots and pans including a fry pan and colander were also in place. Coffee, tea, sweetener and sugar were all provided as well as rolls of paper towel, dish detergent and Kleenex boxes. There were even a number of beer glass insulators that we guessed were left by a former renter.

New York 15-Isla 16 1690

We enjoyed a lovely time reading around the pool before heading out for north beach to meet old friends. En route “home” we stopped at our favourite market stall, for fresh produce-bananas, cilantro, limes and mangos. That evening we hosted 14 adults and five kids for dinner. The afternoon prep was a breeze since the open kitchen was so spacious. We had more than enough space when everyone arrived. We put our dinner out on the granite peninsula and we had enough seats for everyone. The kids sat on the floor around the coffee table and some of the adults preferred to sit at the dining table. When we enquired the next morning, none of our neighbours heard our hilarity as the temperature was comfortable enough to keep the doors and windows closed.


There are shutters between the spacious living room and bedroom so we closed them up while company was over to hide our disarray. Once we were alone, we re-opened the shutters to let the breeze flow from front to the back of the villa, we never needed the AC. We also never turned on the flat screen tv that was provided.

New York 15-Isla 16 1571

The bathroom was so spacious that there was room for a rattan shelving unit where we were able to put away all of our toiletries. The water pressure was terrific and hot water plentiful (which isn’t always the case on the island). There were lots of extra hooks in the bathroom to hang wet bathing suits. Beach towels as well as bath towels were in good supply. There was even a full sized hairdryer provided in the bathroom. The bedroom had a large armoire where we could hang and place our clothes as well as night tables and reading lamps. There was a large bench which we used to place our cases when we unpacked and then a big empty closet in the hall where we could store them when empty.

New York 15-Isla 16 1572

In the open concept living space there were plenty of outlets to plug in our devices and wi fi was easy to access and worked as well, if not better, than other areas of the island. The living furniture was perfectly comfortable and we made note of the fact that with a full size futon and a love seat futon, another couple and one or two kids would be quite comfortable in the space. Right outside the sliding glass door was a table and chairs for poolside dining as well as plenty of lounge chairs and umbrellas for comfort around the pretty pool. The water was crystal clear and refreshingly cool after a hot walk from the beach.

The pre-trip arrangements that we made with the owner of the villas was streamlined and thorough and we didn’t have a single problem during our stay. He also graciously accommodated a change of our check out day. The price was more than we usually spend on Isla but worth every single penny. In fact, when you calculate the number of cabs that we hire to and from where we typically stay on the airport strip, it would likely turn out to cost less than our usual budget accommodation.

The staff are lovely and accommodating people who make you feel right at home. The villas are absolutely spotless and exceptionally well maintained.

New York 15-Isla 16 1880

All of the villas surround an enclosed area where the pool is located. Big wooden gates to the malecon can be locked from the inside at the end of the day so that the space is private and secure. Surprisingly, even though a couple of the units are street side, there was no unpleasant traffic noise. The solid construction of the villas ensures this, in addition to keeping tropical insects at bay.

New York 15-Isla 16 1759

Approximately midway of our stay at Villas San Miquel, we moved from the street side Acapulco to the upstairs sea view unit dubbed Xalapa. Although this unit had a smaller footprint the space was very well planned out. The trade off for the smaller space was the breathtaking view. I could stare at those turquoise waters forever! Even though the kitchen, bathroom and living space were more compact, we still had enough storage to place all of our stuff out of sight. People were not able to drop in on us, as there is no access to Xalapa from the street, but this ensures greater privacy for a couple or small family. One of the units was occupied by a woman on her own and she felt absolutely safe and secure in doing so.

New York 15-Isla 16 1780

What Xalapa does have that Acapulco did not, was a private terrace overlooking the malecon and the sea. This provided us with the additional luxury of drinking coffee while waiting for the sunrise and a spot to gaze at the cruise ships on the horizon of the ocean over a late night glass of wine. On a rainy day, we were still able to sit outside and watch the storm go through.

New York 15-Isla 16 1872

There was not a walled bedroom in Xalapa but the enormous bed was positioned in an alcove producing a “loft-style” floor plan. The number of furniture items was less (minus the dining table and chairs and the love-seat futon was switched out to a single one).

New York 15-Isla 16 1573

Vibrant hand-carved chairs and a number of pottery and glass artifacts adorned both units adding a decorative touch that you would not normally enjoy in rental unit. There was even a fresh flower arrangement to greet us upon check in of both units. The owner of Villas San Miquel thought of absolutely everything!


We just returned last evening and this morning on Facebook, I see that the complex is scheduled to more than double in size. Stay tuned for more Villa San Miguel Announcements.

Kath’s quote: “After all,” Anne had said to Marilla once, “I believe the nicest and sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens but just those that bring simple little pleasures, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string.”
― L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Avonlea    

New York 15-Isla 16 1791

Love never fails.

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Isla Mujeres Trip Report-Departure Day


I was up early so that I could enjoy my last Isla sunrise.








And then before I knew it, the time had come to leave the island. There were friends waiting for me at the ferry dock to wish me well.



Sister #3 had prepared my lunch to eat on the plane complete with the little notes that she likes to stick into loved one’s lunches.


She also wrote one that said “Relax, close your eyes, and remember Isla”. I have been doing just that and these blog posts have brought it all back to life for me.

We leave for Isla again in 4 1/2 sleeps. I am so excited that I am having a hard time concentrating. We are very much looking forward to staying in Centro at Villas San Miguel. Pictures will be plentiful. Stay tuned.

Kath’s quote: “Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again”. -Joseph Campbell


Love never fails.

2015 Isla Mujeres Trip Report-Day 16, Part 2









I always spend at least a portion of an afternoon at Centro’s cemetery each time I visit Isla. The raised graveyard is  place of beauty and peace.





I spent a wee bit of time back at Hotel Isleno before meeting my family for at Minino’s for sunset and dinner.








It was my first time at Minino’s and it won’t be my last. The setting is gorgeous and the view from the second floor is unsurpassed.


This is my lovely sis-in-law. She is typically the photographer but I turned the camera onto her for a change.


A helpful traveller at the next table took this picture that we were all included in.




Cervesa, wine and coconut shrimp-all delicious. A lovely way to spend my last night on the island.


The evening included this glorious sunset -perfection in every respect.

Kath’s quote: “Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.”  ― Rabindranath Tagore


Love never fails.


2015 Isla Mujeres Trip Report-Day 16, Part 1








Sometimes an overcast day can deliver the most glorious sunrise. It was my last full day on Isla and the island blessed me with this blazing heart in the sky.



I was enamoured by this turquoise fence and then found out that my friend Jackie was renting the apartment just through the gate. We enjoyed breakfast together at Ruben’s so that I could hear first hand what living on Isla was all about.


I obviously love the colour turquoise and the hammock guy must too, as he even painted his tree the colour of the Caribbean sea.


Abuelo’s love the colour too.


Hearts are everywhere!



The murals have been a beautiful addition to the Isla experience.



My eyes are always drawn to the kookiest little things in Centro.


I made one last walk to north beach to say my good-byes.

Kath’s quote: “Parting is such sweet sorrow that I shall say goodnight till it be morrow.”  ― William Shakespeare


Love never fails.

2015 Isla Mujeres Trip Report-Day 15





The houses which surround Luna d’Miel are about as different as you can get.






This morning’s sunrise was an especially sweet one as it was D’s departure day and my last morning at Luna d’Miel.


We took some photos with new Canadian friends from PEI.



Kelly (another neighbour) drove D and I into town so he could catch the ferry. And then all of a sudden, he was gone…


I cleaned out the fridge and threw everything together into an omelet with a salsa to treat my new friends Peggy and Kelly and thank them for letting us use their golf cart. We had a lovely visit and I look forward to seeing them again very soon.





I enjoyed some last moments by the sea on the terrace at Luna d’Miel, then showered, packed up and made my way to my new home for a couple of nights. I strolled around Centro for a bit and then checked into Hotel Isleno. When I am not with D, I feel safer staying right in Centro.




The hotel had a very different feel from our little apartment by the sea but was satisfactory for a short stay. I included a couple of room photos in case you are interested in checking out the hotel.


This was my view to the west.


The internet signal was iffy in my room but worked fairly well from this floor lounge with windows that opened to the east.

That evening was the meet up that I had arranged at Barlito’s.


We were a compact group but more and more Islaholics came to meet up and we had so much fun visiting with old and new friends.



Barlito’s is located on a channel where many yachts tie up making it a beautiful site. I walked home with Dona and Sister #3 and called it an early night.

In one week from right now (eek!) we will be on Isla and checking into our new home away from home Villas San Miguel. There are 6 suites in three buildings clustered in a walled compound. We are looking forward to so many things about the villas but especially their prime location. We will be in Centro but will still be by the sea with the privacy that we sometimes seek.

Kath’s quote: “Since there is nothing so well worth having as friends, never lose a chance to make them“. -Francesco Guicciardini


Love never fails.



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