Isla Mujeres 2024 Trip Report-Day Two

Just barely morning.

That morning I was filled with a sense of gratitude. Thankful that I was healthy and had the resources to be on the island again. And equally thankful for what I left back home-five grandkids! As I gazed at the Isla sign, I realized that all their first name initials were included in the sign. Well, except for my lone grandson whose name starts with an “F”.

So I had to use some artistic license.

Loved my morning sunrise walk and then it was home for a bit to catch up on my writing.

Am I so blessed to work from anywhere.

While I was out, the apartment manager asked if he could borrow my extra bed! I kid you not. There was a Mexican family also staying in the compound and beds were at a premium. Eric had been sleeping with his baby boy who took up the entire bed. I had only been using the bed to climb into the hammock, so I said “By all means”. Unfortunately I didn’t realize how much the bed actually assisted me. I had a heck of a time getting my short legs swung over and into the the hammock. Good thing nobody could witness that comical sight!

SIL Lorraine and my brother Kelly were joining me for breakfast at Grill Garden. As I was walking, I heard a “Kathryne”? It was Brenda one of the owners of Grill Garden, so we walked the rest of the way together. I had never met Brenda IRL and she was exactly as I expected-soft and gracious with a uncanny sense of food and hospitality. Breakfast was better than I remembered it. For all the details check out my Restaurant Feature

I was home for a couple of hours and then off to meet the gang of Manitobans on a sunset cruise. My sister Sue had given me this as my Christmas present. What a great gift! She and her friend Donna had won the cruise as a scholarship fundraising prize, the year prior.

We cruised the west edge of the island all the way to Garrafon and then headed back to North Beach for sunset. In the mean time, Our trusty captain fixed us a fresh and sparkling guacamole snack.

There was a reverse sunset that evening.
Happy Manitobans-4 Newbies and 7 Islaholics

Sister Sue and I were heading out for dinner later, but when that got postponed, I moseyed home, and had leftovers and a glass of wine with my lady neighbours. Another perfect day.

Kath’s quote: “Sail away and let the sunset and the waves be your soundtrack”.-authour unknown

Love never fails.

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