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Isla Mujeres Restaurants- Blogged in 2022


We are getting ready for our annual Isla eating adventure, in one month’s time. I was nostalgic reliving the amazing food that we sampled last year. Links to the Blog Posts are in the picture captions. Now don’t go salivate all over your phone…..

Blue Bally Hoo
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Dulzara-Argentinian Bakery
Geisha Valentina
Green Verde
Grill Garden
La Freida en Rosa
Mar Abismo-Delivery Only
Neal’s Irish Pub
Oceans Isla
Rinconcito Kahlo
Sabores by Posada Del Mar
Sardinian Smile
Tiny Gecco

Kath’s quote: “I’m on a seafood diet – I see food, I eat it.” ~ Dolly Parton

Love never fails.