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Day 14 Isla Mujeres Trip Report-Moving up island


My last sunrise from the Malecon in Centro. It was moving day!

I had intentionally been secretive about where we were staying while we were still on the island. That was because, Punta Piedra is so popular and we hadn’t received confirmation that we could return to the property in 2024. Sorry, not sorry. The 2 bedroom second floor unit was so perfect for D and I, and our best friends from Toronto that were arriving that evening, we didn’t want to take any chances about not securing it for the 2024 season.

The primary bedroom had a fold out couch, to sleep an extra person or have some privacy while reading or scrolling your phone.

There was a King Sized bed in the primary bedroom with a walk in closet and en suite. We wanted our friends to enjoy the space.

We brought our hammock from home and it stayed almost permanently in this location. When the sun was high, it was a lovely place to catch the shade.

There was basic wooden furniture that was reasonably comfortable. The view from here was so mesmerizing that we really think about our butts.

Looking in from the balcony, there were two loveseats in the living room.

We ate many breakfasts and a couple of restaurant delivery meals in the dining area.

From the living room to the balcony.

Our room was spacious too with lots of storage in the hutch. It was right next door to the second bathroom. The first night we left our window wide open but I couldn’t sleep because of the crashing of the waves. The next evening, we left it open an inch or so and I slept like a baby.

In the kitchen was a hotplate corner to cook omelets, a microwave, coffee maker and fridge. The toaster needed replacing but that was our only suggestion. The fridge was full sized and that was a good thing as we kept it well stocked. In my mind it was made perfect with the window over the sink to catch a breeze when we did the dishes.

D cracking his first beer and enjoying the hammock.

Around the corner from the main balcony was a whole other stretch of space which caught the sun, all day long as well as being the perfect spot for sunsets.

The view from our bedroom window.

We put out a snack and waited for our friends. My BIL M was in Centro with his golf cart, so he agreed to meet and deliver them, which meant no one had to pay for cab rides. They were a long time in coming due to the busyness of the airport and being met by the shuttle. A fellow passenger barfed in the via en route. Needless to say they didn’t use CARM, which is our favourite transfer company.

The extra time meant that D and I could kind of decompress from our stay in Centro. It was like being on a totally different island at our new digs.

We caught the changing colour of the sky and knew that sunset was imminent.

While looking west across the island, we would sometimes see what appeared to be a moving telephone pole-it was the mast of yacht on the other side of the island!

Over the course of the next 2 weeks, there were many glasses of wine enjoyed while watching the setting sun.

And then the little crescent of the moon came out.

Once our friends arrived, they dropped their luggage and we walked to Green Verde for a late supper. There are pics and descriptions of the evening in the link.

As the last half of our vacation began, we were blessed anew by the pleasures of Punta Piedra.

Kath’s quote: There are some people you meet where it’s never awkward, no matter how much time has passed. The friendship is so deep that time makes no difference. Authour unknown

Love never fails.

Day 13 Trip Report Including Lunch at Alexa & Giovanni’s


Another sunrise when I couldn’t pick my favourite photo. I loved this one because when the sun peeked from behind a solid line of cloud it made a reflection in a solid line.

I always love to capture what my kids (when they were little) called God clouds.

Speaking of God and miracles (see how I just snuck that in there?) This was a grand niece we had never met. We were in love instantaneously! The miracle of her conception had taken place via a fertility clinic in Cancun although a second miracle occurred, when she was born early in Canada. Her parents and grandparents (D’s oldest Brother’s family) were holidaying in Cancun but wanted to come and check out Isla, fascinated by what we loved about the island.

After waiting for them at them at the ferry dock, they texted us to say that they had just disembarked. How could that be, since we were at the gate? Turns out they took the car ferry over!

By the time we fetched them it was nearly lunch. Where would we take them for an authentic taste of the island? We headed to Alexa & Giovani’s Loncheria. They were very impressed. In fact, we were all blown away by the food quality, presentation and affordable prices!

Sorry about the pink tinge. All of my pics from the Loncheria turned out this way. This was the gorgeous shrimp ceviche,

the coconut shrimp

and the shrimp tostadas ordered by the female side of the table.


and fajitas were selected by the males. All were proficiently prepared and delicious!

From there we headed to Hortencia’s to introduce family to family. By this time it was time to cool off for a swim. The water was the perfect temperature and we enjoyed dipping in and out, sometimes with the baby in tow.

After a brief visit at our apartment to change out of suits, we headed to El Patio for Happy Hour. The drinks were flowing along with some great snacks of

more coconut shrimp,


and nachos.

We were having a grand old time. This was caught of me, loving the generous wine pours at Happy Hour.

But all good things have to end, including this wonderful visit. We walked them back to the car ferry, with the hope that they will join us on Isla in 2024. Just as we paused to enjoy this sunset, my side of the family pulled up in their golf cart. The guys got out and the girls hopped in and D and I joined them for a night cap at Lola Valentina where they were headed for dinner.

I didn’t get a chance for many pictures but I couldn’t pass on a shot of this gorgeous burger. Lola Valentina’s does a great many dishes, very well.

As I struggled to sleep that night (yes Carnival was still going strong), I couldn’t get the image of our beautiful niece out of my mind’s eye.

Kath’s quote: “You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it.” — Margaret Thatcher

Love never fails.

Day 12 Isla Mujeres Trip Report


Somehow it was Sunday again, but this Sunday I didn’t sleep through the sunrise AND I had company as D wasn’t playing tennis, that made it extra sweet.

We had so enjoyed Beach Church with Ken Wanovich the previous Sunday, that we were back for more. Jackie, the owner of Jax was the gracious host.

Gathering together in such a beautiful setting, does the ole heart good.

Once back home in our little apartment, I took some left over shrimp ceviche and made this beautiful shrimp omelet, using the recipe that I remembered from Rueben’s restaurant.

It was a low key day in Centro and when Sister #3 was looking to have a visitor at lunch, I was happy to tag along.

Everyone has their favourite Loncheria (we typical visit Alexa & Giovani’s) and even though I had been to Tumbras before, I didn’t remember being so impressed with the food!

The Mom of this little one worked at the Loncheria. She was such a sweetheart and so good at entertaining herself. As the fresh market was right next door, the kitchen often ran out to pick up a fresh item, as was the case when I placed my order. The Momma would scoop up her little one to run these errands, and you could tell that the latter was pleased with a change of scene.

When Sister #3’s choice of breaded pork cutlets arrived we were blown away by the portion-enough for at least two meals and at such an affordable price! They were reportedly delicious.

My order of French Fries came along quite a while after Sister #3 had eaten to content, but that was because they ran to purchase the potatoes, peeled, cut them on the spot and shallow fried them (I know because it was an open kitchen). With a squeeze of lime and lightly salted, they were sensational! Boy the locals know how to make perfect fries.

Upon our return to the apartment, we understood that one of the Carnaval dance troops was coming to entertain on our block. We joined other neighbours and enjoyed their performance immensely but I was particularly delighted, when they all hopped onto their motorcycles, and made their way to their next engagement.

We had met Donna, on our second day on the island. She was our neighbour in the apartments and a fellow Canadian. D and I immediately bonded with her. D taught her how to make margaritas that afternoon and they are seen here, enjoying the fruits of the tutorial.

As I stated earlier, we had no real balcony at our second floor apartment but there was common space on the main floor. One day the main floor ladies worked together to get the space tidied up and D pitched in on another day to haul away garbage and paint cans. Sure enough, when we returned a couple of days after we checked out, more discarded paint cans how found their way back to the space.

Our tradition of meeting new arrivals continued that afternoon. “Doona” as we call her on the island is another Islaholic and has travelled with our family for many years, so we consider her one of our brood

and tease her that she is Bro K’s “Mexican Girlfriend”.

With no one having a rental in Centro big enough for us all to visit, we got her settled in and then met up on the Malecon for welcome libations.

That evening we were excited to have dinner at El Patio. I have mentioned previously, that it is our go to spot for happy hour appetizers and drinks. Full dinners are beautifully prepared and delicious too. Click the link above to read more.

After dinner, we walked through Centro, stopping briefly to check out the carnival stage. Our apartment was very close to the Zocalo and we heard all the festivities late into to the night. Note to self: check out Carnival dates before booking for 2024.

The food carts around the square are always tempting, and during carnival an even greater selection, is brought in.

In repect for the locals, I never take a picture without their permission, these beauties were happy to comply.

Kath’s quotes: “Dance like no one’s watching.”-Authour unknown

Love never fails.

Day 11 Isla Mujeres Trip Report


A pretty uneventful sunrise.

My Valentines lilies were monsters by this time.

I dropped in to visit my friends at Dulzara Argentinian Bakery to thank them for their beautiful cakes we bought for the Twins’ birthday and order an additional cake for another birthday that was coming up.

As I came down the stairway from the bakery, I saw and was fascinated by this sign outside the barber shop. For 1. the pic kinda looked like John Travolta in Grease, for 2. I think my Bro K had just gotten his hair cut in this style and for 3. I realized that by switching the top portion of the board to additional hair styles, you could show your barber how you wanted it cut without being misunderstood. So it was a perfect place for gringos to get their hair cut as desired, with no language barriers. Ingenious!

My palm was waiting for me on Centro Beach again.

So I joined K & L for a visit. But, Carnival had commenced and soon a speaker system had been rolled in , thumping out impossibly loud noises that reverberated off of our diaphragms.

With permission, I took this lovely pic of some tiny dancers. I loved them all but especially the sassiness of the one with her two front teeth missing.

I got to see them in action as I packed up my beach stuff and headed to the apartment. I couldn’t concentrate on my book or hear my family talk to me so it didn’t make any sense to me to stay put.

I had always enjoyed Carnival time in Cuba and when I first started go to Isla but as I grew older I just got grumpy about the noise and traffic. Truth.

After a break from the music, D and I enjoyed a fantastic early dinner at Sardinia Smile. If you missed reading about it in an earlier post, click the link above.

One of my favourite pictures of the holiday.

We met at a favourite spot for our family-the pier at the corner of Centro and North Beach.

We have watched many sunsets there as a family. We were celebrating another birthday-that of our NIL (Nephew in Law) D from Australia, pictured here with his wife and my niece and Goddaughter (they were married on the island). They travel back and forth between Australia, California and Lester Beach. Wandering nomads indeed. We love them dearly.

Speaking of family…our Mexican Family (who we also love dearly) wanted to host us for a visit and a snack. See that enormous bowl? That is Hortencia’s idea of a snack.

Kath’s quote: “Don’t forget: Beautiful sunsets need cloudy skies…”-Paul Coelho

Love never fails.

Days 8, 9 & 10 Isla Mujeres Trip Reports


The morning of Day 8 had a twist. After sunrise I got organized to meet D for breakfast at Green Verde. Click here for all the delicious details.

When D and I met up, I read him a listing that I had found on FB Marketplace about a fabulous rental opportunity on North Beach. Before I was finished reading the unbelievable details of the unit, he said “Book it”. I was so happy about his enthusiasm because it seemed too good to be true. You probably already know the outcome. We spent the rest of the morning, visiting the property and researching the fellow that had posted the listing. Everything rolled along until he asked us to transfer the payment in full to his private bank account. We had been scammed! The good news was that we had proceeded cautiously and hadn’t given the imposter a single penny. The only thing we had to endure was him berating us that we would not trust his integrity claiming that we could ask anyone of the island to vouch for him. When we did ask friends who were in the know-not surprisingly, no one had ever heard of this guy. Lesson learned.

That evening we joined Sister #2 and her family for dinner at their rental. Sister #2 is famous for gathering us together for dinner. She often does so at our lake where they live full time. She also has on other locations on Isla. One year when they stayed at Mar y Sol, we pulled a table up to the bed and that was where half of us sat for supper!

So this is us. Back row: SIL L, Bro K, BIL M, my D, me. Front row D and D from Australia, Sister #2 and Sister #3.

Day 9 another solo sunrise. You get the drill…

My Valentine flowers opened beautifully. This one was about as big as my head!

Another stunning day on Centro Beach.

That evening we were back on our favourite corner for an outstanding dinner at Jax. If you haven’t already read about it, click here.

Day 9. Yada, yada, yada…

Sister #2 had driven to Centro in a golf cart. I hailed her down on Medina as she was looking for a place for a quick breakfast. She chose Ruben’s because there was reasonable parking for her golf cart in the vicinity. I hadn’t been since I lost my dear friend Ruben during the pandemic. If you had met him, I am sure that you would agree that the world was diminished by his passing.

By the time we convened at Hortencia’s, we met up with Sister #3 and SIL L. Hortencia’s is an honorary sister of the Kapilik brood. We ordered many beautiful things from her and then took advantage of the golf cart by heading up island (or is it down?) to the Woman’s Beading Co-op. We had given Sister #2 pesos for her birthday and they were burning a whole in her pocket.

Once we were deposited back home, Sister #2 asked us if we wanted a lift to Garden of Frida where we had planned on lunch. Have you tried their tasty fare?

Previous to dinner that evening, we wanted to take Australians D and D out for Happy Hour as it was the former’s birthday. We met them at Fish & Gin before their dinner reservation at Olivia’s.

We caught the tale end of sunset and wandered home for an evening on our own.

Kath’s quote: “Being a family means you are a part of something very wonderful. It means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life”. -Lisa Weed

Love never fails.

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